Native Path Collagen Reviews: Does It Work?

I recently tried Native Path Collagen and wanted to share my experience. As someone always looking for natural ways to improve my skin, hair, and nails, I was excited to try this product. Native Path Collagen is a supplement made from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows designed to support healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints.

After using Native Path Collagen for a few weeks, I have noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin and nails. My skin looks smoother and more radiant, and my nails seem more robust and less prone to breaking. I also appreciate that this product is made from high-quality ingredients and is free from artificial additives and preservatives.

What is Native Path Collagen?

As someone who has tried many different supplements and health products, I was intrigued when I first heard about Native Path Collagen. Collagen is a protein found in our bodies and is essential for healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. But what exactly is Native Path Collagen?


Native Path Collagen is a collagen supplement made from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. It is a type I and III collagen, which means it is the most abundant collagen found in our bodies. This supplement supports healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints.


The collagen in Native Path Collagen is sourced from cows raised in Argentina. The cows are grass-fed and pasture-raised, which means they are not given any antibiotics or hormones. This is important because it ensures the collagen is of the highest quality and purity.

Native Path Collagen is also gluten-, soy-free, and dairy-free, making it an excellent option for people with food sensitivities or allergies. It is also non-GMO and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Overall, Native Path Collagen is a high-quality collagen supplement designed to support healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. Its grass-fed, pasture-raised sourcing and purity make it an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

Benefits of Native Path Collagen

Improved Skin Health

I have found that Native Path Collagen has improved my skin health. Collagen is a protein that is essential for skin elasticity, and as we age, our bodies produce less collagen. Supplementing with Native Path Collagen has helped to improve my skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition, Native Path Collagen contains amino acids that are important for skin health, such as glycine and proline. These amino acids help support the production of collagen and elastin, essential for maintaining youthful-looking skin.

Joint Health

I have also noticed an improvement in my joint health since taking Native Path Collagen. Collagen is a significant component of our joints, and supplementing with collagen can help to reduce joint pain and stiffness.

Native Path Collagen contains type II collagen, specifically beneficial for joint health. Type II collagen is the main component of cartilage, which helps to cushion our joints and prevent them from rubbing against each other. Supplementing with type II collagen can help to support joint health and reduce the risk of joint-related conditions.

Gut Health

Native Path Collagen can also benefit gut health. Collagen is a vital component of the gut lining, and supplementing with collagen can help improve gut function and reduce inflammation.

In addition, Native Path Collagen contains glutamine, an amino acid that is important for gut health. Glutamine helps support the growth and repair of the gut lining, improving gut function and reducing the risk of gut-related conditions.

How to Choose the Best Native Path Collagen

Native Path Collagen Reviews

Positive Reviews

I have been using Native Path Collagen for a few months now and have noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s texture and firmness. My joints feel less stiff, and I have more energy throughout the day. The tasteless powder is easy to mix into my morning coffee or smoothie, and I love that it is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows.

Another great thing about Native Path Collagen is that it is free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It is also non-GMO and gluten-free, which makes it an excellent option for anyone with dietary restrictions. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their skin, joint, and overall health.

Negative Reviews

While Native Path Collagen has worked well for many people, it did not work for me. I experienced some digestive issues after taking it for a few days and had to stop using it. The price point is also higher than other collagen supplements on the market.

However, it is essential to note that everyone’s body is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. It is always a good idea to consult a healthcare professional before starting a new supplement regimen.

How to Choose the Best Native Path Collagen

As someone who has tried various collagen supplements, I know how overwhelming it can be to choose the right one. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the best Native Path Collagen:

Factors to Consider

1. Type of Collagen: Native Path Collagen offers different types of collagen, such as Type I, II, and III. Choose the type that best suits your needs. For instance, Type I is excellent for skin and hair health, while Type II is ideal for joint health.

2. Source: Native Path Collagen sources its collagen from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. This ensures that the collagen is high quality and free from harmful substances.

3. Additives: Some collagen supplements contain additives such as sugar, artificial flavors, and colors. Native Path Collagen does not have any of these additives, making it a healthier option.

Dosage and Administration

1. Dosage: The recommended dosage for Native Path Collagen is one scoop (11g) per day. However, you can adjust the dosage based on your needs and goals.

2. Administration: Native Path Collagen can be added to your favorite beverage or food. It dissolves quickly and has no taste or odor, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.


After trying out Native Path Collagen for several weeks, I can confidently say that it has positively impacted my overall health and wellness. I have noticed improvements in my skin’s appearance, and I feel more energized and less achy throughout the day.

While individual results may vary, I highly recommend giving Native Path Collagen a try if you’re looking for a natural way to support your body’s collagen production. Its high-quality ingredients and easy-to-use powder form make it a convenient addition to any wellness routine.

Additionally, the company’s commitment to transparency and sustainability is commendable. Knowing that my collagen is ethically sourced and free from harmful additives gives me peace of mind.

If you’re interested in trying Native Path Collagen for yourself, consult with your healthcare provider first to ensure it’s a safe and appropriate addition to your diet.

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